About Us

Paul, Karen, Ken, Aron

K&K Greenhouses is a family owned greenhouse offering quality flowers, bedding plants, hanging baskets and planters.  Established in 1987 by Ken and Karen (K&K) Tigchelaar in their backyard with one hoophouse, we have grown over the years to approximately 150,000 square feet of covered greenhouses at our farm in Branchton Ontario. The farm has always been a great place to raise our family, give the kids a chance to learn the value of a good work ethic, and grow together in our family and faith life. We look forward to continuing to grow together in the future and we are pleased to welcome our two sons Aron and Paul. Paul will be looking after growing and Aron will be looking after sales and logistics.

Over the years we have made some big changes, we started growing vegetables and have slowly moved into the flowers, now growing only flowers. In 2004 we installed a Decker boiler and now heat the greenhouse almost entirely with renewable fuel, this has helped us control our heating cost and lower our impact on the environment. In 2020 we installed a Green Energy  boiler system which uses a wood chip system .

We are also working more and more with biological pest control, reducing our use of pesticides and again lowering our impact on the environment. Although the use of biological pest control is not new, new techniques and changing pest problems always keep this aspect of our job very interesting.

We look forward to providing you with quality plants that will bring smiles and joy into everyone’s lives!

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